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welcome to

the future

of menus

update, edit, & publish your digital menu in seconds 

the menu management tool that saves you time & money

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boost revenue

Foodi menus are designed to drive new guests to your business and improve marketing efforts.

eliminate costs

No need to print new menus with every price adjustment or outsource menu updates.

highlight upsells

Increase the average order by showing off add-ons and suggested pairings.

quickly update 

86 items on all menus in seconds. Add brand new items in under 2 minutes. Guests can trust your menu is 100% accurate everywhere they see it.

reduce questions

Foodi menus provides more details to answer guests questions before they even ask. From ingredients to substitutions, Saving your waitstaff from answering 20 questions per table.
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provide your guests with a seamless experience

always user-friendly

Foodi Menus focuses on customer experience. No more endless scrolling, hidden information, or guests asking "can I get a physical menu?".

always transparent

Images provide answers. Customers see exactly what they're getting before they
even order.

always accurate

Foodi Menus are always live. Guests are able to know what is available in real time with the ability to instantly add or remove items.
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create your menu in 4 steps

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4


create menu name

& branding


create your dishes

add dishes to


publish your menu

ready to create a foodi menu?

$35per month*

account access on mobile & desktop
QR code & online menu displays
unlimited team members
unlimited dishes
unlimited updates
unlimited menus per location

schedule a demo

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