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frequently asked questions

Who manages my menu?

YOU! Foodi Menus gives you full control over your menu and any updates you need to make. You also have the ability to add team members who have access to managing the menu. Updates with Foodi Menus are quick and easy.
How much is foodi menus?

Foodi Menus is only $35 per month per location. In you monthly subscription you will receive: account access on mobile & desktop​​ QR code & online menu displays, unlimited team members, unlimited dishes, unlimited updates, & unlimited menus per location.
Do you offer food photography?

We offer free 30 minute food photography sessions for Portland businesses with the purchase of a Foodi Menus account, or $50/hr without an account. We also have a list of photography partners who are available to book for a charge.

Not a professional photographer? We highly recommend DIY shoots and also provide resources for them. Check out our blog post with smartphone photography tips 
Can I use a Foodi Menu on my website?

Yes! Foodi Menus can be embedded on any website.
How much training will I need?

Training is quick and easy! We provide one on one training sessions via zoom or instructional videos. Training typically takes 45 minutes to one hour.
Do I have to pay to give my team members access?

You can add unlimited team members with your $35 per month subscription!
Will Foodi Menus integrate with my POS?

While Foodi Menus does not currently integrate with POS systems, we are working on those integrations right now.
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