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Join Foodi Menus as we revolutionize menus and help hospitality teams simplify their operations, build seamless processes, cut costs, and create custom experiences.


If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes zooming in and out on a PDF just to try and order then you understand the frustrating problem we’re solving for customers.

“Foodservice providers didn’t get into the hospitality industry to mess around with technology. They’re hospitality focused at heart. It’s our job to make it simple and to make it usable, we have to meet them where they are.”


- Ben Fisher, Foodi Menus Founder & CEO

why partner with

foodi menus?

  • An intuitive client-facing menu management system

  • An enticing user-friendly customer experience 

  • Unlimited Foodi Menus licenses for your hospitality clients

  • Flexible payment contracts that fit your business model

  • Embeddable Menus for any website display

  • Easy access for you, your clients, and their team

  • Listing on the Foodi Referral Network

  • Reseller Partner Deals

  • restaurants

  • pop-ups 

  • food cart pods and individual food trucks

  • event spaces

  • bars and breweries

  • wineries

  • hotels

  • food halls

  • …and anywhere else menus are displayed!

Perfect for website developers, marketing agencies, and photographers

dynamic for developers & intuitive for independent restaurateurs

both developers and their foodservice clients can easily use foodi menus to create, display, and update dynamic menus with clean visuals and mobile-focused formats.

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