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managing visually-focused, mobile-optimized menus from multiple contributors is quick and easy using the foodi menus system for events and catering.

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enhance your next in-person event with foodi menus!

foodi’s visually-focused, mobile-optimized event menus use technology to enhance in-person events, instead of detracting from them.
save more time

reduce the time it takes to set up your next event with our collaborative menu platform.

with a system that’s easily accessible for vendors and event sponsors alike, making quick updates is a breeze.

for recurring events, vendors can make menu edits without re-embedding any code so you don’t need to worry about gathering new menus from each operator every year.

attract more guests

drive more guests to your event by embedding our enticing and informative online menu directories on your website.

replace static website displays and PDFs with visually-focused foodi menus to improve marketing and guest information collection efforts prior to events.

foodi menus are designed to improve the way people engage with their favorite food, beverage, and event providers in the digital age.

support more vendors

set up any number of vendors for just $10/account.


improve vendor experiences with the ability to add any number of users to vendor accounts for free.


highlight your event vendors with individual menu links, or display them all at once with event URLs and QR codes.

we help you create amazing experiences

  • our event partners and subsequent vendors get access to foodi menus for the duration of their event promotion and during the event itself.

  • event partners can get kickbacks based on the number of vendors who adopt foodi menus after the event, potentially offsetting any upfront costs for the event itself.

  • the foodi menus team will handle all initial menu setup and vendor training needs.

  • website and other display integrations will be performed by foodi menus free of charge.


we can help with menu setup to create a seamless product display process for you and the businesses you're working with

we offer free food photography perks for all vendors

we provide you with dynamic vendor experiences for amazing guest experiences

per vendor

optional paid perks include:
  • food and drink photography for vendors (free for limited time!)

  • branded foodi menus discount codes for vendors who want to use foodi post-event

  • additional foodi menus system training for event partners

  • initial vendor outreach

      pricing varies - please contact foodi menus for details

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