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adding sides to

menu items

Foodi menus allow you to attribute multiple sides to a dish, which are then displayed when customers are viewing that dish. Our menus also allow you to attribute entire categories of items as sides as well. For instance, instead of adding drinks individually as potential sides, you can add an entire drink category as a side option.

adding sides by item

There are two ways to add items as sides:

  1. Select entire categories.

  2. Select individual items.


In this example, we will start by selecting three side dishes to add. You can select as many individual items as you want at once.

step 1.png

adding sides by category

If we add the "Add-Ons" category to the dish, it automatically includes all the other items on the menu that are in the "Add-Ons" category.


Note that when you select a category Foodi will list which categories are currently selected in the drop-down menu field above the list of potential side items.

step 2.png

When you are done adding sides, select “update dish” and the sides will display with your item.


If a customer taps on one of the displayed side dishes, they will be taken to that item's page as if they had tapped on it from the main menu.


If you want to remove side items, you simply edit your dish, de-select any highlighted items, and/or clear the drop-down menu of any selected categories.

step 3.png
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