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5. Schedule Your Menu Photography

Foodi Menus work best if you have photos of every menu item. Once you've submitted your menu information above, either email photos of your menu items to or schedule a photography session using the calendar below.

We advise food and drinks are prepared ahead of time to maximize the amount of photos in your shoot.

1. Tell Us About Your Business

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2. Tell Us About You

3. Tell Us About Your Menu

If you have a custom menu for this event please upload it as an Excel Document, PDF, or Image(s) below. If you do not have an Excel Document, PDF, or Image(s) of your event menu, then just upload your normal menu and we will confirm any changes via your preferred contact method identified above.

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Upload Image(s)
Please indicate what kind of menu you uploaded:
4. Optional Services

If you're intrested in other services from Foodi Menus please indicate them below:

Thanks! We will build your Foodi Menu and contact you if we need any more details. Once your menu is ready we will send you a link to it so you can confirm any changes before the event.

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About Foodi Menus Photography Services

Foodi Menus charges $50/hour for photography and photo editing services. We provide free photography for some events or event packages. Please consult with your event organizers if you're unsure whether you qualify for free photography services. Following a photography session we will provide you with your photos to use however you would like. Foodi Menus will not claim ownership of your photos, and agrees to use them only for your Foodi Menu unless given explicit permission to use them for other purposes.

By filling out this form you give Foodi Menus permission to create a digital version of your menu for purposes related to event promotion.

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