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The 3 Best Food Photography Tips when using a smartphone

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

With the latest iPhone models, anyone is capable of taking high quality professional photos that are content ready. Here are 3 tips to get the best results when shooting on a smartphone.

Clear Direct Lighting

Make sure you have clear & strong light focused on your subject.

Natural light is often best for even color saturation, but tools like a ring lights can be helpful in indoors spaces.

Avoid using flash.

Focus on the Subject

Features like 'portrait mode' make it so easy to get a clear subject and blurred background.

In iPhone models that don't have portrait mode, tap the subject on your screen before you take the photo and the phone should automatically make the subject stand out against your background.

Use a Grid Map

In your iPhone settings, tap Camera, then enable the grid option. This will allow you to easily center the dish or beverage you are shooting.

By using this tool you will be able to achieve the same perspective in all your photos without having to crop them.

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