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Foodi menus allow you to attribute multiple sides to a dish, which are then displayed when customers are viewing that dish. Our menus also allow you to attribute entire categories of items as sides as well. For instance, instead of adding drinks individually as potential sides, you can add an entire drink category as a side option.

Customizations (sometimes referred to as “Modifiers” by POS providers) are optional adjustments to dishes that your customers can select to customize their dish.

They display in their own section on each item they are added to, and can include however many versions you want, along with price changes associated with specific customization options.

Customizations can include variations on ingredients, like types of cheese, as well as size options, and other dish-specific options (e.g. how well-done do you want your steak prepared).

To create a new customization, just go to the Customizations section and select “add customization”.

A form will drop down for you to add the overall customization name, select which ingredients this customization can be associated with, determine how it will impact the price (dollar amount or percentage increase) as well as specific names for different options and specific prices for each option.

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 9.44.23 PM.png

menu-wide customizations
vs dish specific customizations

When you add a customization in the Customizations section of your Foodi menu, it becomes a menu-wide customization, meaning it can be selected as an option for any dish on your menus.

In addition to creating menu-wide customizations in the Customizations section, you can also create dish-specific customizations in the dishes section, or on the edit dish form from the dashboard.

For example, in the dish displayed below we have added cheese as a customization option from the available menu-wide customizations. In addition, this dish also has a specific customization that applies only to some meat dishes, level of doneness. You can add that dish specific customization using the drop-down menu in this area.

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 9.49.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 3.25.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 3.25.28 PM.png

dollars vs percentages

Note that you can add customizations that do not change the price. Since choosing how you want your burger cooked doesn’t make it more expensive, they will still show as selectable options, but without prices.

The additional cost for adding a customization to a dish displays as the price of the customization itself. As you can see to the right, each of these cheese options would add $2 to the price of the dish.

For percentages, the percentage you indicate in the customizations section will add that much to the price of the dish. For example, if you indicate a customization has a 10% price and the dish costs $10, then a customer selecting that customization will raise the total price by $1.00. Price adjustments will display to two decimal places. When you are adding a customization be sure that you have selected the right option, dollar amount or percentage.

If you have any additional questions about how customizations work, reach out to a Foodi representative.

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