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Smarter Menus Help Restaurant Supply Chains

Smarter Menus help businesses grapple with supply chain issues by managing customer expectations through dynamic experiences.

Why is a broken supply chain an issue? Put simply, because a business providing a 'good' doesn’t have the materials to create that 'good' and satisfy a customer’s 'need'. While many focus on solving for the lack of materials, what if instead, we redirect the customer’s need?

Manage Gnarly Supply Chains with a Smarter Menu

Picture this: Gnarlys is known for their burgers. Let’s say you’re a consumer who likes burgers. You’ve heard of this place called Gnarlys but you’ve never been. It's Thursday, you’re feeling a hankering for a burger, so you decide today is the day you’re going to check out Gnarlys.

You take a look at their menu, see this burger called the “Dang” burger, and decide that’s what you’re going to get. You head to Gnarlys, order your burger, they serve it to you, and you’re thoroughly satisfied. You decide you’re probably going to come back again, maybe even bring some friends next time.

Now let’s take a look at what happened on the other side of the counter leading up to Thursday:

  1. Gnarlys is known by many for their signature “Gnarly” burger, but on Tuesday they find out there’s been a supply chain “issue” and they can’t get the buns they use for their Gnarly burger until next week…

  2. Thankfully, with the Foodi Menus platform they’re able make Quick Edits and remove the Gnarly burger from everywhere it’s displayed online in just 3 taps. It takes all of 5 seconds. Crisis averted.

  3. On Thursday they realize: “Well, we still have all the other ingredients for the Gnarly burger, why don’t we just serve it with a new bun?? We can’t have all these other ingredients going to waste…”

  4. They throw together a similar burger with a new bun, and decide to name it the “Dang” burger since it’s like “Daaang we’re out of the Gnarly burger…”

  5. They log into Foodi Menus, snap a picture of the burger, add the name, description, price, dietary considerations, customization options, upsells, and ingredients, and have it live on all their menus within 2 minutes thanks to how easy it is to add a brand new item to their Foodi menu.

  6. You, the unsuspecting customer, open the menu about 10 minutes later, see the Dang, and decide that’s the reason you’re going to Gnarlys today.

  7. You get there, you get fed, you’re satisfied enough to come back, and you’re none the wiser that they were even out of the Gnarly burger.

At times, the supply chain “issue” is only an “issue” when it causes customer expectations to differ from reality. Independent food and beverage providers are notoriously creative. They know how to make something new, that people will love, with limited ingredients. Sure, another customer who has already had the Gnarly burger might be disappointed when they don't see it on the menu, but they’ve already been to Gnarlys before. They trust that Gnarlys makes dang good burgers. And more likely than not, they’ll trust that any of Gnarlys other burgers will be just as Gnarly too.

Foodi Menus can’t fix supply chains, but when they break, Foodi Menus helps businesses manage customer expectations - turning supply chain issues into supply chain opportunities for innovation.

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