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where do I edit the different sections of my menu?

All sections of the Foodi experience can be accessed from the menu button in the upper right hand corner. Categories, dishes, ingredients, and customizations, all have their own sections. QR codes are edited in the settings section, pictures are added and edited in media, and menu availability is adjusted in the timeline section. The quick edit section allows you to turn on/off the availability for all menu items and menus.

how do I choose which menu displays in the preview?

Once you have created more than one menu design, the menu preview on the left side of the screen can be adjusted by selecting a different menu at the top of the dashboard page, the menu page, the timeline page, or the quick edit page.

how do I edit my QR code?

View this guide for a brief overview of Foodi’s QR code capabilities. It also includes some tips for printing and displaying your QR code.

can I edit the QR code templates?

While the text-aspects of QR codes can be edited, we do not currently provide the ability to edit other aspects of the QR code templates. This may be a feature in later releases of Foodi Menus, but for now, editing the QR code template will require downloading the QR code image and editing it further yourself. We suggest using a site like Canva! If you would like professionally printed codes, or codes printed/etched on other materials, reach out and we can connect you with some of our partners.

how do I upload/edit my CSV templates?

View this guide to understand how to prepare, edit, and upload your CSV documents. This will make it much faster to load and connect large groups of ingredients and dishes.

why isn't my customization/ingredient/dish displaying correctly?

If there are any issues around something not displaying correctly or not displaying at all, please reach out to us ASAP so our team can take a closer look. If all of the information is entered properly, the item should be displaying on your menu.

Common troubleshooting tips:

  • Is the menu published?

  • Is the item available?

  • Did you save your updates after editing the item?

  • Is the menu timeline set to display at the time you are trying to view?

how does my subscription work?

From the subscription section, you will be taken to Stripe where you will enter your card information. Once you have subscribed, you are charged for one month. If you cancel your subscription at any time before the next payment, your subscription will still be active until the end of the current billing period.

what kind of pictures can I upload?

View this guide for a brief overview of our picture guidelines. In general, we recommend pictures be 500 by 500 pixels in size to balance menu load times and quality image display on your menu.

do I need to take my own pictures for my menu items?

Foodi menus look best with professional photos, but they aren't required. Feel free to take your own, or crowdsource from your guests! We can connect you with professional photographers to take pictures of your menu items if need be. Check out a few of our recommended photographers.

how do I add my own dietary considerations?

If you add a dietary consideration using the “other” field at the bottom of the list, that option will remain until you delete it. You only have to create it once, and then you can add it to whatever dishes you like.

why do I have no members?

Members are added by the account owner with different permissions to manage the menu. If there is no one here, the account owner must add them so they can start using Foodi.

what if I need to print my Foodi menu?

There is a print menu button at the bottom of the main menu.

can I adjust the format of the print menu?

Not currently, but we may add this feature in the future. For now, any edits have to be made after downloading the PDF that Foodi generates.

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